April 24, 2001

We're at twenty weeks now -- about half way during a normal pregnancy, but the doctor's think they'll come early (as most twins do).  Although Lisa's official due date is September 7, we're just hoping the kids will wait until sometime in August before they decide it's time to come.

A lot has happened since our last sonogram (just one month ago).  We had the Amniocentesis done on April 4.  It required two needle sticks (with a big honking needle that Lisa--luckily--never saw) to retrieve amniotic fluid from both sacs.  We got the results of our amnio a week ago at our regular appointment with Dr. Napier.  Everything is normal and it confirmed that we're having a boy and a girl (although the pictures today once again made this plain as day).  Dr. Napier told us that the kids will be "viable" outside the womb in just four weeks, so Lisa will not be able to travel anymore and we'll have weekly visits to the doctor.

This is a picture of our boy.  Every time we have a sonogram we think they look more and more like a baby just waiting to be born.


Here's another picture of our son.  He has grown a lot in the last few weeks.  According to our baby book, he should be about 12 inches long now (they doctor didn't actually estimate his height this time).  He currently weights 15 ounces, which is very big for his "age"--it puts him in the 84th percentile in terms of weight.  His weight has tripled since our last sonogram four weeks ago.


This is the boy again.  In this picture, you can see him in profile.  The object that appears to rest on chest is part of the umbilical cord.


Apparently, our doctor is fixated on the naughty bits...


I rest my case...  Here's yet another indecent picture of our daughter.


This is another picture of our daughter.  Although the doctor say's it's completely normal, she's a bit smaller than her brother.  Her "gestational age" is about one week behind him.


We all noticed that she seems to have a much more pronounced chin than her brother.  The doctor made sure to get a picture of her face that showed this.


The girl is smaller than the boy, but she's about normal for this time of the pregnancy.  She weighs about thirteen ounces, which places her at the 55th percentile in terms of weight.  Like her brother, she's about tripled her weight in the past four weeks.