May 22, 2001

We're at twenty-four weeks now, so the doctors now consider both children "viable"--meaning they both have a good chance of surviving if they were born now. Of course, we're hoping they don't come for another two or three months. The longer the pregnancy lasts, the better the chances for a healthy delivery and a short stay in the hospital.

We'll continue to have sonograms with our Perinatalogist, Dr. Matsumoto, every four weeks (he takes the pictures we post to this site). We'll start going to the OB every week, however, so she can ensure Lisa isn't showing any signs of delivering. We like our OB, Dr. Napier, but we'll now start seeing other doctors in her practice just in case one of them is on-call and Lisa needs to have an emergency delivery.

We haven't taken many pictures of Lisa throughout the pregnancy, so we're going to try and take a picture before each sonogram. It was a beautiful morning, so we took the picture in our back yard before heading to the doctor.


Dr. Matsumoto tried to get some face-shots on this visit. This is a picture of our son.


This is another picture of our boy. Although it's a bit blurry, you can start to make out some of his facial features. In particular, we all noticed his bulging cheeks that didn't appear in previous visits. This is due to the fact that he's growing very fast -- he's already 1 pound 15 ounces (up to the ninety-second percentile in terms of weight) and he's more than a week and a half ahead in his gestational development. The doctor says he already has a big head, so Lisa's starting to see some advantages to have a C-Section. The doctors say they'll try to deliver both kids normally, but with twins it's much more likely that we'll have a C-Section.


Here's a picture of our daughter. Although it's sometimes hard to see in the still pictures, her face looks smaller and thinner than her brothers.


Dr. Matsumoto took a lot of pictures today of the kids' faces, but we tried to pick the four best ones (can you believe these blurry images were the best?). Our daughter is a bit smaller at 1 pound 9 ounces, but that's still well within the normal range (thirty-seventh percentile by weight). He "gestational age" is exactly where it should be. Everything seems to be going smoothly, they both just need more time to bake.