June 19, 2001

We're at twenty-eight weeks now, and the doctors say this is another important milestone.  Although viable at twenty-four weeks, the kids are much more likely to be healthy if they're born now.  Luckily, Lisa doesn't show any signs of giving birth soon, but we're starting to get closer.  Our doctor said that they'll still try to prevent Lisa from giving birth for the next six weeks, but after that (at thirty-four weeks) they'll let her deliver if she goes into labor.  At thirty-eight weeks, they'll induce labor if we haven't had the kids by then, but they think the odds of that happening are pretty small.

Towards the end of May, Lisa had bronchitis combined with a bladder infection that threw her for a loop.  She started to have some contractions and the doctors were worried enough that they sent Lisa home for a week-and-a-half of bed rest.  She was allowed to be in bed, on the couch, or in the bathroom, but nowhere else.  Luckily, I was able to work from home and still play nurse maid for Lisa.  To add to this stressful time, Intecom (where Lisa works) decided to layoff about half of the Marketing department including two people in her organization as well as her manager.  I think she spent more time talking on the phone to the office than resting, but at least she was able to keep her feet up.  Lisa is now back at work and (as usual) working more hours than she should.

It was another nice morning, so we got a couple of pictures outside before we went for the sonogram.


And here's the money shot...

Here's a clear shot of our daughter's foot!  It look just like her mother's [sniffle]...  For some reason, both kids were a little shy this time, so the doctor had a hard time getting some good pictures.  As they get bigger it actually seems to be harder to see some of the features on the sonogram.  The girl has been doing some growing over the past four weeks.  A month ago, she was a little below average in term of weight, but now she's caught back up.  Now she's an even 3 pounds (that's the 61st percentile in terms of weight).


Below is a picture of both kids -- they had their heads together, although they're separated by a thin wall that divides their sacs.  The boy was laying across the bottom while the girl was positioned head-down.  Our son's growth has slowed a bit (you can hear Lisa breathing a sigh of relief).  He's now three pounds and one ounce and that is just a bit above average (69th percentile).