Sonograms!  Sonograms!  Sonograms!

Or:  "How to bug friends and family with kids pictures even before they're born"

January 8, 2001 (see the details)

Our first sonogram after Lisa got pregnant.  We didn't even know how many kids we would have.

February 28, 2001 (see the details)

This was the first time we could see their entire bodies.  Although it was a little too early to tell if we were having boys or girls, they looked like little tiny people.

March 21, 2001 (see the details)

We're having a boy and a girl!  We couldn't have ordered them from a menu any better...


April 24, 2001 (see the details)

A lot has happened in the last four weeks.  We've had the amnios (everything is fine) and the kids have tripled in weight...


April 28, 2001 (Maureen's Wedding)

We really haven't taken many pictures of us during the pregnancy.  Here we are at twenty weeks...

May 20, 2001 (see the details)

Although we've got some plans, we're finally starting to get the babies' room ready...

May 22, 2001 (see the details)

The kids are growing fast and Lisa's starting to recognize the benefits of a (potential) C-Section...


June 19, 2001 (see the details)

Although it's been an eventful month, things seem to be progressing well.  We could have the kids in as little as six weeks!